Services of Redding Portable X-Ray & EKG

Redding Portable X-Ray & EKG provides diagnostic X-Rays and EKGs in private home as well as convalescent hospitals. All X-Rays are read by a board certified Radiologist.

At the present time we do not provide:

We accept assignment on all medicare and Medi-Cal claims and we are contracted with most insurance plans.

Sample cerebral xray taken by Redding Portable X-Ray & EKG - Redding, CA

 X-Radiation Imaging (X-Ray)

Our Portable X-Ray equipment is the latest and state-of-the-art. Our machine is the only digital X-Ray unit of its kind on the west coast. It utilizes the CXDI-50G Portable Digital Radiography flat panel detector which produces a superior image using approximately half the radiation dose of "CR" digital X-Ray machines. With this panel we get an instant image on the screen.

Sample cerebral xray taken by Redding Portable X-Ray & EKG - Redding, CA

 Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Our EKG machine is a Nihon Kohden EKG, which produces an 8x10 EKG with a computer interpretation. This interpretation can be over-read by a cardiologist. The EKG is faxed to the ordering doctor and is also available on our PACs.

In Home X-Ray & EKG Requirements Criteria:

  • All X-Rays need the prior approval of the patient's physician. Faxed orders are accepted. Fax: 530-605-0517
  • Is there room in the patients home? Our X-Ray machines are 25" wide - so doorways and pathways in the home must be wide enough.
  • If the exam is a hip, spine or abdomen X-Ray, the patient must be lying down.
  • We cannot X-Ray a patient in a waterbed.
  • Chest X-Rays and most extremities may be facilitated while the patient is sitting in a chair.
  • We can take our machines up small flights with only a few stairs. We cannot transport up a larger flight of stairs.
  • For our convenience and if at all possible, avoid clothes or bras with snaps and/or buttons.

Our PACS (Picture Archiving & Comm. System)

We have a PACS system that is fast and easy to use to view your X-Rays and EKGs online. The X-Rays can be magnified, measured, printed and viewed in various formats. Call us and we we will be happy to give a demonstration on how well the X-Rays look and how easy it is to view them.